Space Planning
With the extensive amount of time workers spend in the office each day, your
space needs to function well and look great. Whether you’re updating your
work spaces, or entering an entirely new space for 500, space planning and
design must incorporate business goals and the work practices of your
business to provide an intuitive work environment that meets your objectives.

We effectively map your space to create the work environment that best suits
your work style and business. We consider the four major aspects of the work
environment: space, people, function and design. Alone, each one is an
important factor, but when considered together they can truly transform a
blank space into an efficient and comfortable work environment.

Cubicle Installation
Dimensional Office Space installs new or used office furniture for our clients.
With experience in virtually every major office system on the market, our team
of knowledgeable installers is ready to create a work environment specific to
your needs. So, whether you run a small business with one workstation or
manage a large corporation with hundreds of workstations, Dimensional Office
Space installs your cubicle furniture safely, securely and professionally.
Space Planning, Installation, Dismantle,  
Relocation, and Reconfigure Specialist
Dimensional Office Space
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What we Install
Our  team installs the industry’s top name manufacturers in modular cubicle systems, such as
SteelCase, Haworth, Herman Miller, Teknion, Knoll, and Hon.   We install everything you need to
make your office space work-ready. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

System Furniture (cubicle style)
Open Furniture (executive style)
Office Seats
Standard and Condensed Filing Systems
Overhead Bin Compartments
Free Standing or Component Shelving
Task Lighting
Modular Partitions
Storage Cabinets
Conference Tables and Chairs
Reception Stations
Casual Seating

When we Install
Our installations happen when you need them. Although most work is scheduled during regular
business hours, we understand that unique circumstances need special attention. Ask our team
about regular office hour, after-hour and weekend installation options.

How we Install
Our installation process starts with a free site visit to your office location where we review any
existing information, plans, documents and drawings and meet with appropriate staff to get a full
understanding of the project.

Working with all available information, we provide a free estimate covering the scope of the project,
keeping in mind your time line, budget and any other critical elements of the job. This may include
anything from installation, reconfiguration, corporate relocation, warehousing services and
commercial space planning and design, to refurbishment, maintenance, or project management.

As the installation progresses, our project manager continues to work closely with you to oversee
the installation at each stage to be sure it goes smoothly and as planned.

Office Reconfigurations
As your business changes, so do your office furniture requirements and the physical layout of your
space. Sometimes reconfiguring a space or the actual modular components of your furniture itself,
helps recapture efficiencies that have been lost over time.
We can help. Our experienced team of cubicle and furniture installers is knowledgeable in all the
name-brand modular systems. Working from your existing layout plans, we tear-down, change,
install and move any cubicle or furniture set-up to meet your current space needs.

When existing plans are not available,Dimensional Office Space clients use our Space Planning and
Design services to evaluate, redesign and create drawings for the reconfiguration.

Corporate Relocation
When it comes to moving or relocating your business, planning, coordination and execution are
critical. You need a team that is experienced, knowledgeable and can take your company through
the process with as little stress and friction as possible.
Dimensional Office Space is an expert in small business moves and large corporate relocations.
Whether your move is one floor up, just down the street, or half-way across the country, we’ve got
the experience to successfully dismantle, pack, move and re-install your office and system furniture.
Our team will plan, coordinate and successfully execute every step your company’s relocation.

Because we understand that a move starts long before the very first moving box gets packed, we
work directly with your staff in planning the details to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Dimensional Office Space offers a number of move options to facilitate your company’s transition:

Furniture tear-down and reinstall
Personal item packing and unpacking
Transportation coordination
Off-hour moves
Packing supplies and materials

We are cubicle and office furniture system installers. Because we work with the top name
manufacturers and office furniture distributers, our knowledgeable team of employees frequently
helps our clients find the right furniture to suit their particular needs. We can work with our clients
to make recommendations that save them time and money